If you read my last blog; “5 Amazing Benefits of Choosing a Career in Internal Audit” you will understand the fantastic opportunity that a role within Internal Audit provides. Not only are you able to work within a diverse and ever evolving function, you also gain exposure to every part of the business; a great advantage to have when considering your next move up the career ladder.  This means that candidates are seeing the appeal in Internal Audit which in turn means more competition when securing a role. Therefore, it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd.

So, here are my Four Top Tips to setting yourself apart from other qualified audit professionals when looking to move companies and when to looking to land that promotion.


LinkedIn is not a tool purely created for recruiters to advertise positions and find potential candidates. LinkedIn is an application that allows you, the candidate, to manage all parts of your professional identity, engage with likeminded professionals and access industry specific knowledge and insights. So make the most of it. Share relevant articles that you think your connections would be interested in, engage in conversations and provide your own insight. The people you are in conversation with behind the screen, could one day become your manager. The blog you posted about your experience in audit 3 months ago that a Head of Internal Audit liked, could give you the edge when you are sat across from him in your interview. The audit market is small enough for this to happen.


Research by the national citizen service has shown that recruiters (yes, people like me) are now only taking an average of 9 seconds when considering prospective candidate’s CVs. This means that you need to find a way to stand out in terms of both content and appearance. Use clear headers, ALWAYS include a profile summarising your experience and provide specific examples that are relevant to the position/company to you're applying for.

That blog you’ve written that has already been seen by one prospective employer, why don’t you include the link at the bottom of your CV for all hiring managers and recruiters to see? It is only going to reflect your passion for your job.

And utilise recruiters! We read CVs every day so we know what a good one looks like and we are happy to provide advice on your CV as it could lead to us landing you that perfect job.


Don’t rely on Managers and your monthly development meeting. If you want to get ahead then be proactive when it comes to your own development. Create a personal development plan, address gaps in your profile and take time to understand what extra courses/certifications/conferences are going to benefit you in the long run. Are you looking to take on a Project Management role? would PRINCE 2 or ITIL benefit your career?  Many businesses will be happy to fund professional development so take them up on this or make enquiries with management.


Working within audit gives you unparalleled access to the company so be open to taking on different projects. This will give you the chance to work with peers outside of your immediate team, develop your skillset and ultimately, market yourself to other senior stakeholders across the business.

Do you have any advice or experience to share on how you made your mark? Please do comment below.

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