Austin Andrew's Top CV Tips


During uncertain times it's important to focus on what you can control and ignore what you can't. Austin Andrew thought it would be good to offer our two cents on CV writing and some of the pitfalls we see candidates fall into in this area.

James Willacy

When there is too much focus on day to day tasks a CV begins to read more like a job description. If there is not enough focus on achievements and projects it fails to bring the role to life for the reader.


Tasmania Smith

Believe it or not some candidates fail to include key contact information on a CV. There is nothing that will stop you from getting an interview as effectively as leaving contact details off your CV. I would also add that consistency is key in a CV. With formatting, with font, with bullet points. Keep it clean and keep it consistent.


James Boxall

A CV should go beyond simply the responsibilities of your role. Achievements in your previous roles will be what make you stand out. I would go as far as having sub headings under each role to define your responsibilities and achievements. Draw attention to these and you will stand out.


Fergus Hooley

It’s crucial for candidates to highlight specific achievements when they list their role responsibilities.  This will not only immediately make your details stand-out but it will also give you  an opportunity to give more detail during an ensuing face-to-face interview.

Without this prompt the interviewer may never know just what you are capable of! Some candidates will list their responsibilities to directly reflect their job description – this accuracy is to be lauded but it will not embrace those achievements! Your recruiter will always be more than happy to assist you with this cv  preparation…  thus ensuring an optimal cv.


Alexander Babb

When looking through a large (or small) number of CVs I am always drawn first to those that are well formatted and laid out. A simple concise layout with good spacing and use of bullet points instead of large of blacks of text makes a CV so much easier to read and pick up the key points that you want to get across.

We hope these tips help you hone your CV ready for your next job hunt. If you are looking for a role feel free to get in touch with us at

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